Our Cheese

Any good pimento cheese recipe is a blend of sharp cheese,
mayonnaise, seasoning and pimentos.

Why then does Penny’s Pimento Cheese stand as one of the
South's very best?  "Quality, my dear."

Penny’s recipe uses the best, starting with fine extra-sharp
cheddar cheese that's slow-cured for richness and tang.

Cheddar this good deserves an exceptional mayonnaise,
made with farm-fresh eggs, ultra-pure canola oil, crisp white
vinegar, country mustard, and Penny's secret medley of
herbs and spices.

Some brands put bell peppers in their pimento cheese. We
don't. Penny's only uses firm, succulent pimentos because
they are sweeter, juicier and more aromatic.

And since pimentos range from mild to hot, we offer Penny's
Pimento Cheese in three varieties:
Savory; Jalapeno; and
(by special order).
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